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Once you see results,
it becomes an addiction.


In 2012, I found Lagree Fitness™. Never before had I experienced a workout that not only physically challenged me, but left me as mentally and emotionally satisfied after just one, 45-minute session. Two years later I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. While juggling the roles of wife, mother and full-time employee, time management was key and Lagree was my answer. From only working out 3 days per week, I found that I was in the best shape of my life. 

The efficiency and effectiveness of the Lagree Fitness Method™ keeps me strong physically, mentally and emotionally. I opened Coastal Core Fitness with the ultimate goal of helping others to become their best version of themselves. My team is here to support, inspire and motivate you along the way. See you at the studio!


As a Brooklyn-born, New Jersey-raised health and fitness coach, Michelle is always up for a challenge...which is why she fell in love with Lagree Fitness! What she loves is how easy it is to adjust your intensity, and how you’ll never plateau. No matter how many classes you take, you’re always pushing your body to it’s max.

After her first time on the Megaformer, she was hooked! Michelle is an AFAA certified group fitness trainer, with additional certifications in PiYo and Insanity. Her latest and most fabulous certification comes from Lagree Fitness, and she is super excited to be onboard the Coastal Core team! 


Ashley was born and raised at the Jersey Shore, so she instantly felt right at home at Coastal Core! Ashley started dancing at an early age and went on to major in dance at Stockton University. While in college Ashley had the opportunity to perform with a professional dance company in NYC. There she was introduced to Pilates to increase her strength and healthy lifestyle, and her passion for fitness grew quickly.

Ashley received her teaching certification in barre and while researching additional certifications was introduced to the Lagree Method and Coastal Core Fitness. After she found Lagree she knew she found the perfect challenge for mind and body!  She's thrilled to introduce others to the workout and bring the heat to Belmar!


Lawrence is a sports enthusiast. At the top of his list are hockey, basketball and snowboarding. His passion for athletics inspired him to become a Certified Personal Trainer and Functional Movement Specialist.

Throughout the years Lawrence has tried numerous workouts, but Lagree Fitness challenged him both mentally and physically like never before. It only took one 45-minute session on the Megaformer to convince Lawrence that Lagree is where it's at. The Megaformer allows him to maximize performance while ensuring the saftey of his joints; in addition to staying "functional" through exercises that mimic everyday movements.